Amway Coaches Poll: Blue Devils, Wolfpack Receive Votes


The Amway Coaches Poll for Week 2 was a little kinder to the teams in North Carolina that its AP counterpart. That is not saying a heck of a lot. NC State was still hanging out in the others receiving votes section with a handful of votes. However they are not the leader from the state in this poll. That honor belongs to the Duke Blue Devils, whose win over Tulane kept them at around fifteen votes themselves.

The coaches considered South Carolina’s victory over North Carolina something as they raised the Gamecocks to twenty-two votes in the also rans.

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On the whole the coaches were kinder to the ACC than the media was. Florida State was ranked eighth in the Coaches Poll while being down at eleventh in the AP Poll. Clemson was rated twelfth, where it had been in both polls.

The coaches were also kinder to teams outside the Power 5, although they too only ranked Boise State from among that group. Louisiana Tech, Memphis, Marshall, Temple, and BYU got a vote or more in the other receiving votes section.

Duke would seem to be the school capable of climbing into the Coaches Poll from the state. Their best opportunity would be after a win against suddenly trendy Northwestern. Their victory over Stanford gave a needed jolt to the non-conference schedule of the Blue Devils. Otherwise, Duke will have to make its name within the ACC, always a difficult prospect.

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Week 2 Amway Coaches Poll

1. Ohio State Buckeyes
2. Alabama Crimson Tide
3. TCU Horned Frogs
4. Baylor Bears
5. Oregon Ducks
6. Michigan State Spartans
7. Auburn Tigers
8. Florida State Seminoles
9. Georgia Bulldogs
10. USC Trojans
11. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
12. Clemson Tigers
13. UCLA Bruins
14. Ole Miss Rebels
15. Louisiana State University Tigers
16. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
17. Oklahoma Sooners
18. Arkansas Razorbacks
19. Texas A&M Aggies
20. Arizona Wildcats
21. Missouri Tigers
22. Boise State Broncos
23. Tennessee Volunteers
24. Wisconsin Badgers
25. Utah Utes

Others Receiving Votes:
Mississippi State 97; Arizona State 66; Oklahoma State 52; Northwestern 35; Brigham Young 23; Kansas State 23; South Carolina 22; Duke Blue Devils 15; West Virginia 13; Miami (Fla.) 12; Florida 7; Louisville 6; Marshall 6; Minnesota 5; North Carolina State Wolfpack 4; Nebraska 3; Maryland 3; Temple 3; Pittsburgh 2; Illinois 2; Louisiana Tech 1; California 1; Memphis 1; Stanford 1.

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