AP Football Poll: Wolfpack Receive Votes


This week’s AP Football Poll was out a little later than usual given the Labor Day showdown between Ohio State and Virginia Tech. For the most part the rankings did nothing to aid the North Carolina based squads. The guys who got any poll mention at all were the NC State Wolfpack, and you have to dig pretty deep to find them. No other of the seven schools are mentioned.

Will this change in coming weeks? Maybe. East Carolina could sneak in with some big wins against non-conference opponents. Appalachian State could get consideration if they remain undefeated, but there are no statement games on their schedule outside of beating Clemson this week.

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The ACC teams will need the conference situation to sort itself out before Duke, State, or even North Carolina could get a look in the rankings. State has the clearest path since they received votes this week. Confidence is not high for the ACC with Clemson and Florida State dangling outside the top ten. Notre Dame at number nine does not count.

Meanwhile there is a lot of SEC in the top 25 poll. Ten teams, or a good 40% of the teams in the top 25, are SEC teams. It is a good thing those polls don’t mean anything anymore.

Boise State remains the only non-Power 5 team in the poll this week. Western Kentucky, Temple, and Cincy got votes, but there is still a lot of bias toward the Power schools in these polls.

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Week 2 AP Football Poll

1. Ohio State Buckeyes
2. Alabama Crimson Tide
3. TCU Horned Frogs
4. Baylor Bears
5. Michigan State Spartans
6. Auburn Tigers
7. Oregon Ducks
8. USC Trojans
9. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
10. Georgia Bulldogs
11. Florida State Seminoles
12. Clemson Tigers
13. UCLA Bruins
14. LSU Tigers
15. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
16. Texas A&M Aggies
17. Ol Miss Rebels
18. Arkansas Razorbacks
19. Oklahoma Sooners
20. Boise State Broncos
21. Missouri Tigers
22. Arizona Wildcats
23. Tennessee Volunteers
24. Utah Utes
25. Mississippi State Bulldogs

Others receiving votes:
Wisconsin 79, BYU 74, Northwestern 72, Arizona St. 49, Oklahoma St. 30, West Virginia 23, Florida 8, Temple 8, Cincinnati 7, Kansas St. 7, Minnesota 5, Louisville 4, NC State Wolfpack 4, W. Kentucky 3, California 2, Stanford 1

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