Jeremy Lin: Linsanity Comes to the Hornets


Jeremy Lin is the next surprise of the Charlotte Hornets off season. Yes, Linsanity is coming to the Queen City. The Hornets have agreed to terms with the former Harvard guard to be the back up to Kemba Walker according to Steve Reed of the Associated Press.

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Lin has been looking for a home since a great week with the New York Knicks several years ago. He spent his big contract with the Houston Rockets until they traded him to the Los Angeles Lakers last season for cap room. Lin spent last season with the Kobeless Lakers, scoring eleven points per game.

If you are wondering why the Hornets would be looking at Jeremy Lin, you have to have noted another development that happened yesterday. Mo Williams decided to sign with the Cleveland Cavs and play with LeBron. That means that Williams, a key contributor late in the season for the Hornets, was gone.

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The Hornets however still needed Williams’ skill set. They needed a guard who could shoot threes and over enough playmaking to spell Walker. If that guard happened to be 6’3”, then all the better.

Those words describe Mo Williams. They also describe Jeremy Lin. Lin shot 36.9 percent from the three point line last year. So if it it helps, don’t look at this like the Hornets have acquired Linsanity so much as the Hornets have replaced Williams.

Today is July 9th, so players may begin signing the deals that they have been negotiating since July 1st.
The Hornets have a couple more signings or decisions to make. After trading for Nicolas Batum and Jeremy Lamb and drafting Frank Kaminsky, the Hornets still have one or two more spots to fill on the roster. Along with Lin, the defining characteristic of all these new guys is that they can in theory shoot.

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