Charlotte Hornets Summer League Games 3 And 4 Review


Nov 7, 2014; Charlotte, NC, USA; Charlotte Hornets mascot Hugo waves the flag on the court prior to the start of the game against the Atlanta Hawks at Time Warner Cable Arena. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

All I know to say to describe this summer league team for the Charlotte Hornets in Orlando is putrid. The thing is, though, the players we expected to do well did so (excluding a rough start for P.J. Hariston which ended well for him though today).

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I now know for sure that Harrison is making our roster even after getting rejected so bad today that it didn’t even look real. The thing that is most worrying about this summer league team is the lack of depth but it is just summer league.

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I have seen people jump on the Frank Kaminsky bandwagon and off it in a matter of a week. People need to understand that Kaminsky is being shadowed by a second defender, playing on a weak summer league roster, and still putting up great numbers.

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Is Kaminsky the next Larry Bird? No way but we were picking 9th not in the top 3 so we are going to have to understand he could be a borderline All-Star or even an All-Star in a few years but that is his max potential. I would take that player on this Charlotte Hornets’ roster any day of the week right now. Kaminsky will be a great player for the Hornets and is averaging what you would expect from a player of his caliber and age in Orlando. Remember he may be more mature than most NBA prospects but he is still a rookie learning the NBA game. I think people will be all over Kaminsky, showering him with praises, at the end of his rookie season.

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Now on to Troy Daniels who played probably his final game in the Hornets’ 3rd summer league game. If this summer league is any indication of the future for Daniels it may be very bright indeed. Daniels rebounded the ball better, he played better defense, and shot the lights out from the 3pt line. I honestly do not think you could ask a player to play any better than Daniels did in the summer league. I expect him to have a break out season off the bench for the Hornets this season.

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  • Well now we are going to look at P.J. who struggled in the first three summer league games but came alive today in the 4th summer league game. He knocked down shots with efficiency from the 3pt line and looks to be using his size to get to the basket to draw more fouls. Everyone saying P.J. has gained weight needs to understand it is pure muscle not fat. The guy is looking more like a body builder than a NBA basketball player right now so I am not sure I understand their logic. Only bad thing from P.J. now is another incident involving traffic violations and laws being broken. Driving without a good license is a crime and P.J. did it and some other things recently. P.J. feels like a lost cause because he can not stay out of trouble.

    So, even though the summer league team for the Hornets is terrible overall I do see glimpses of talent from the players we expected. Harrison, Hairston, Daniels, and Kaminsky seem like roster locks for a few years barring any unforeseen events. P.J. seems like the most likely to get the boot out of these players and it is not because of talent. P.J. will probably get the boot because he can not keep his nose clean. After the summer league game on Friday I will have a break down of the roster, the future for the team, and what to expect from the team in the coming season. Go Hornets!

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