Charlotte Hornets: Regrading the 2010 NBA Draft

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Charlotte left the 2010 draft without a single drafted player. We look back at the trades that kicked off a dismal era of Charlotte basketball.

With no basketball happening right now, we can only look back at the Charlotte Hornets’ history to see the moves and decisions that have lead us to this point. Starting with 2010, we’re looking back at each of the Hornets’ drafts to regrade the decisions they made and determine how the team’s trajectory could’ve forever changed.

Before the days of Kemba Walker and the team returned to its Hornets namesake, the Charlotte Bobcats were making moves that would come to define the next decade of basketball in the Queen City. The Bobcats elected not to select a player in the 2010 Draft, instead electing to trade its two picks for players that would end up amounting to a whole lot of nothing.

When looking back, it’s hard not to think about the decisions that could’ve set up Kemba with a decent supporting cast to make him a contender. While the 2010 Draft doesn’t quite compare to the missed opportunity that was the 2012 Draft, the Bobcats traded what would eventually become the 16th pick, where good players such as Eric Bledsoe, Avery Bradley, Jordan Crawford, and Hassan Whiteside were still on the board.

Instead of grading who Charlotte selected, let’s grade the trades the front office made, shipping out its two picks for a first-round pick and three players.

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