Charlotte Hornets Summer League Game 2 Review


Apr 4, 2015; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Kentucky Wildcats guard Aaron Harrison (2) puts up a shot against the Wisconsin Badgers in the second half of the 2015 NCAA Men

Game two for the Hornets at the Orlando Summer League is officially in the books. I wanted to give a few observations of what I seen in the game. I will first start off by telling you the most disappointing player to me yesterday was P.J. Hairston.

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Hairston has shot the ball horribly through two summer league games and I am starting to lose faith in him as a player. I was very high on Hairston but his shot has to fall when he gets good looks or else teams will start leaving him open. If he is not hitting his shots he becomes useless because he is not creating spacing.

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Now on to a few more observations. I really liked what Troy Daniels did yesterday and he showed everyone he is the shooter we thought he was. He played good defense as well compared to his atrocious defense in the Hornets’ first game. He will still need to bulk up and add some strength if he wants a long term role on this team. He is a scorer on the perimeter but he will also need to learn to finish at the rim if he wants to be more than that. Daniels had an incredible game and deserves the respect of defenders at that three point line.

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Another player who stood out was Aaron Harrison who has been impressive and looks like a player who will prove he belonged in the drafted players list. I still can not believe he went undrafted and now he is showing us he can play at an NBA level.

He dominated at point guard for the Hornets in game two of the summer league and I expect to see him continue that. His size and speed is a perfect combination to play behind Kemba Walker. I will be mad if he misses the roster and I have stated so before.

Now on to Frank “The Tank” Kaminsky and how he looked on Sunday. All I know to say is that Kaminsky is looking more and more like the right pick for the Hornets and if you leave him remotely open the ball is going in. For a guy his size he dribbles the ball extremely well and he shoots with the best of them already.

He reminds me a lot of a Vlad Divac with a way better jump shot and even better dribbling skills. I think he has the potential to be a special player for the Hornets. He will have to add strength and play better defense but no way does this guy sit for us this year without fans in an uproar. That is all for now check back after the next game to see my thoughts on that game. Go Hornets!

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