Charlotte Hornets Summer League Game 1 Review


Oct 23, 2014; Charlotte, NC, USA; Charlotte Hornets guard forward PJ Hairston (19) during the second half of the game against the Indiana Pacers at Time Warner Cable Arena. Pacers win 88-79. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets have wrapped up their first game in the Orlando Summer League and it was a good showing for four of the players on the team. I will give a honorable mentioned for the player I was least pleased with and that would be Jonathan Wallace who cost the Hornets the game with a careless 8 second violation. Wallace should not be starting over Aaron Harrison ever not even if Harrison is in a wheelchair (sorry for the being mean thing). Well without further ado let us take a look at what players impressed, in my opinion, in the first summer league game.

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P.J. Hairston

Yes, I will start off acknowledging that P.J. Hairston did not shoot the three ball well but it was the other things I thought he did well. He rebounded when it was needed, he drove to the basket, he got a lot of foul calls, and he played good defense. His shot looked rusty but by no means is that getting into his head on the court which is a good thing. He is in extremely good physical condition and looks like he even added more muscle on his frame. He will use that extra strength to drive more and finish at the rim with contact. I think Hairston has a break out season coming off the bench for the Hornets this  up and coming NBA season.

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Troy Daniels

Troy Daniels is a solid player who is confined to being just a good shooter and nothing more. He will give you scoring off a bench but his defense was bad for most of the game and he lacks physical strength. I think Daniels will end up being a back up on this squad but I don’t know if that is playing right behind Batum or not. I would look for Daniels to display more passing and defense in the next summer league game. If Daniels can continue to add muscle and keep building a floater into his game he can be a solid role player for a long time.

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  • Aaron Harrison

    I know I have only seen one game but I am convinced that Harrison needs one of our roster spots because he is a steal waiting to happen. He could easily be better than most of the second round players picked in this past draft. He did not shoot it well but he ran point guard extremely well, he came off screens with confidence, he finished at the rim good, and he has the size to cause match up problems.

    If he continues to play this way throughout the summer league I will be mad to see the Hornets pass up on signing him to a contract. He still has a lot of learning to do but I feel as if he can become a good player over time. He led the University of Kentucky Wildcats in scoring this past NCAA basketball season and that is not an easy feat with all the talent they had.

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    Frank Kaminsky

    Last but by no means least is Frank “The Tank” Kaminsky who in his first summer league game started off slow but had an extremely good 3rd quarter and showed a glimpse of what the future holds in Charlotte. Kaminsky was going off and would of kept burning OKC until they started shadowing him with a second defender.

    Now at the NBA level that will not happen as much and therefore Kaminsky may just end up being a very good draft pick and the second in a row that Jordan himself done well in picking (Kemba was the other and I think he is good too). If Kaminsky keeps shooting and stops hesitating which is what made him start off slow he could dominate a lot of teams with the sweet looking jumper he has. I know it is one game but I have a feeling he is going to be a special player for the Hornets for years to come.

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