Frank Kaminsky taken 9th by Charlotte Hornets


Wisconsin’s Frank Kaminsky became the ninth pick in the 2015 NBA Draft when he was drafted by the Charlotte Hornets. The seven footer was the consensus National Player of the Year in college basketball last year.

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Kaminsky was considered a potential target of the Hornets since early in the process. He was one of a handful of big men who had the necessary skill set to play alongside current Hornets center Al Jefferson. Those qualities mostly include shooting range. Kaminsky can float outside to allow Jefferson room to operate in the post where is so good.

This is similar to what the Hornets expect to get from Spencer Hawes, which suggests a power forward rotation of Kaminsky and Hawes alongside Jefferson. Current Hornet Cody Zeller would then move into the backup center’s minutes. The real man out would be Marvin Williams who might have to move back to the small forward to get minutes.

Kaminsky’s pick came under fire from fans for two reasons. One is the assumption that the Hornets would draft a shooter. That idea began to erode when the Hornets picked up two shooters in the last twenty four hours. Those would be Nicolas Batum and Jeremy Lamb.

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The second reason that the Hornets came under fire was the availability of Justise Winslow at the Hornets spot. Winslow was a Duke player and was highly expected to be gone by pick number nine. Some believe that Winslow’s talent should have trumped Kaminsky’s fit. This included the crowd in Time Warner Arena who was chanting for Winslow.

It did not help that Kaminsky referred to Charlotte as boring two years ago. It is only fair that he now has to win Charlotte fans over.

This is third straight draft the Hornets have taken a big man for the Big Ten. The Hornets are hoping that ‘Frank the Tank’ will live up to his nickname and rain carnage on opposing teams.

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