Report: Charlotte Hornets to Host 2017 All Star Game


The Charlotte Hornets will play host to the 2017 NBA All Star Game, according to reports from Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer. The official announcement is expected to occur at 11:00 AM today.

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This development has been in the works for some time, dating back to the acquisition of the Hornets name and colors by the Bobcats. At that time, Adam Silver encouraged the Hornets to make a bid for the All Star game but admitted that the Time Warner Arena would have to undergo renovations and upgrades. The Charlotte city council approved $33 million for such upgrades.

The All Star Game has not visited the Queen City often. In fact it has only been here once before. That would have been in 1991, when Michael Jordan was a participant and not a team owner. Jordan will not be playing in the 2017 game, but that game could feature Stephen Curry. Curry went to Davidson and grew up in Charlotte. Other players of local interest might include Clippers guard Chris Paul.

This is another step in trying to revive interest in professional basketball in the Charlotte area. The idea of sticking a pro franchise in the middle of college basketball country was immensely successful for the first decade of the franchise. The struggle since that point has been fighting the legacy of George Shinn and the team’s move to New Orleans.

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That pain overshadowed the Bobcats during their run as a franchise and the team was never truly embraced by the city. That mystical tie to the Hornets is what encouraged Jordan to bring back the name in hope of benefitting from the nostalgia.

2017 figures to be a big year for Charlotte sports. The city is currently scheduled to host the ACC Football Championship, PGA Championship, and now the NBA All Star game.

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