Charlotte Hornets Draft Series: Looking At Willie Cauley-Stein


Apr 4, 2015; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Kentucky Wildcats forward Willie Cauley-Stein (15) goes up for a shot during the game against the Wisconsin Badgers of the 2015 NCAA Men

Willie Cauley-Stein is a good prospect as far as big men go. After a solid career at Kentucky he entered the draft this year in hopes of being a lottery selection. In his entire college career Cauley-Stein never attempted a three pointer according to stats found on

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He doesn’t need to become a three point shooter though because he is a classic defensive big man in the same mold of DeAndre Jordan and (gulp) Bismack Biyombo. Cauley-Stein can guard virtually any position though and that singles him out from the standard defensive big man crowd.

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His length and speed for a big guy allow him to stay in front of players at all the positions in basketball. This is his true specialty and it is a specialty that teams would love to have. The problem is the Charlotte Hornets do not need more defense because they already finished top 10 in defensive efficiently this past season.

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  • I keep beating dead horses about scoring in all my articles but it is just the truth. It is because of his lack of offense that his fit would be a bad one for the Hornets and one that would make the fan base very upset for the most part. Cauley-Stein does offer talent defensively but his offensive game is raw to say the least. He has no true, consistent jump shot from mid range and he has a limited ability to post up in the paint. Cauley-Stein would fit in well with a team that lacks defense but can score but the Hornets are the opposite of that.

    To sum it all up Cauley-Stein is a defensive specialist and that is it. I do not see him becoming more than that in the NBA and whoever does draft him will be drafting him because they need his defensive ability. I think Cauley-Stein goes after pick number 10 in the draft and that he will have a great career as a role player. I have attached Cauley-Steins’s Draft Express NBA Draft Scouting youtube video below. GO HORNETS!

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