Charlotte Hornets Draft Series: Looking At Justise Winslow


Apr 6, 2015; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Duke Blue Devils forward Justise Winslow (12) celebrates after scoring against the Wisconsin Badgers during the second half in the 2015 NCAA Men

Well as a UNC fan it is always hard to praise a Duke player but as a Charlotte Hornets fan I know that Justise Winslow would be the absolute perfect fit in Charlotte next season. The problem with that is the only way the Hornets will ever get Winslow in a uniform is through trade because he will be gone before the number 9 pick.

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If I were the Hornets I would package the number 9 pick, the second round pick, and MKG to move up to number 4 to select Winslow. I think Winslow is a player, who at worse, will be an all-star caliber player. I have a feeling he could be another James Harden with more work on his game and the thing is he will play better defense from day one in the NBA than Harden will ever be able to.

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Winslow is a very good outside shooter and he has an NBA ready body which makes him an ideal wing player in the NBA at least from a prospect standpoint. The Hornets lack outside shooting from the small forward position and Winslow could offer that from day one in the NBA. A big plus also is the fact that Winslow is already a good defender who could fit into Steve Clifford’s system.

If the Hornets want to see Clifford run this team successfully they need to get players who can stretch the floor and play good defense. Winslow will fit the Hornets system better than MKG will ever fit it and I like MKG just not on a team desperate for shooters. I think the New York Knicks would take that deal I mentioned above and both teams would benefit from it. Winslow is the right player for the future in Charlotte.

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  • I usually do not like the idea of moving up in drafts but this is a key piece that I think the Hornets could get at a good price. For all the MKG lovers out there I have indeed given up hope for MKG in Charlotte. Winslow is almost everything we wish MKG was on this team. I think a change would be good for MKG and the Knicks would benefit from his defense which they lack a lot of.

    If I was Jordan and company I would be on the phones to get that number 4 pick as much as possible. I do not need to go into detail about how good Winslow is because the ACC has its huge footprint in Carolina and most of the area’s basketball fans got familiar with him this past season. I have attached Winslow’s Draft Express NBA Draft Scouting youtube video below. GO HORNETS!

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