Hornets Secure Future Flexibility in Major Projected Trade

Brandon Miller emerged as a building block for Charlotte but the Hornets need more pieces around him
Brandon Miller emerged as a building block for Charlotte but the Hornets need more pieces around him / Scott Kinser-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets have needs across the roster and a variety of options with the No. 6 overall pick in the 2024 NBA Draft. While several prospects appear to be perfect fits for this rebuilding roster, Charlotte also has the option of trading the pick away to maximize future flexibility.

That's the route one recent projected trade believes the Hornets will go, trading down with the Oklahoma City Thunder to pick up an additional future first-rounder and a second. In a relatively weak draft class that includes at least one top prospect who wants to avoid Charlotte entirely, this kind of move makes a lot of sense.

Take a look at the suggested trade from Sports Illustrated below.

Hornets Trade Back for Future Flexibility in Projected NBA Draft Trade

Hornets-Thunder Trade

In exchange for the No. 6 selection, the Hornets would pick up the 12th in this year's draft and 2025 first and second-round picks. Charlotte needs help at virtually every position, so getting additional draft picks while moving back in a questionable draft could be a logical rebuilding strategy.

Oklahoma City has more draft picks than it has roster space and will likely want to cash in on their chips to move up. Since the Hornets aren't "one piece away" like the Thunder may be, they can afford to be patient.

Moving back to No. 12 would put Charlotte in the range of players like Providence G Devon Carter, Baylor SG/SF Ja'Kobe Walter, or Colorado SG/SF Cody Williams (who was named as one of those "perfect draft fits" mentioned earlier), according to ESPN's latest mock draft. Those might not be game-changing talents, though the Hornets' needs are so vast that one excellent player probably won't change the long-term outlook.

Instead, Charlotte needs to make a series of smart draft picks to retool the roster. Giving themselves more shots on goal is a sensical rebuilding strategy, and I hope the organization pursues trades to load up on prospects.

There's a reason the Thunder have made so many trades over the years to accumulate picks. It's hard to hit a home run but it's easier if you have more chances at the plate. If Charlotte wants to accelerate its rebuild, these are the kinds of transactions that must be considered.

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