3 Projected Hornets Picks at No. 6 in NBA Draft

See three projected picks for the Charlotte Hornets at No. 6 overall in the 2024 NBA Draft.
Brandon Miller finished third in NBA Rookie of the Year voting
Brandon Miller finished third in NBA Rookie of the Year voting / Scott Kinser-USA TODAY Sports
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The Hornets will draft No. 6 overall in the 2024 NBA Draft at the end of June. They've got many holes on the roster and as a result, Charlotte has a variety of directions it can go with the pick.

New head coach Charles Lee is rebuilding the roster in his image and expectations are high to build a solid core around LaMelo Ball and Brandon Miller. If the Hornets are going to escape the lottery purgatory moving forward, they need to nail this selection.

Tons of outlets are already publishing mock drafts following the lottery, so we've got an idea at what players could wind up joining Charlotte. With that in mind, let's take a look at three potential projected Hornets picks below.

3 Projected Hornets NBA Draft Picks

1. Matas Buzelis, F - G League Ignite

Buzelis is a rangy, versatile forward who shot 43.1% from beyond the arc during his senior year of high school. He'd be a perfect fit alongside Ball and averaged over 14 points per game with the Ignite this season.

CBS Sports has Charlotte taking Buzelis in their latest mock draft. Kyle Boone writes, "In a league dominated by power wings with big frames, Charlotte swings once again for a huge upside prospect in Buzelis to pair with point guard LaMelo Ball and 2023 No. 2 pick Brandon Miller. Buzelis has a huge frame and immense potential to grow into a versatile forward who can dribble, pass and shoot."

That offensive versatility makes Buzelis a natural fit with Ball and Miller, theoretically giving the Hornets a trio of players with shooting chops to build the team around.

He's grown to 6'10" but isn't as strong of a defender as some other prospects available in this range. Given Ball and Miller's vulnerabilities on the defensive end, Charlotte may look to a more capable defender instead.

However, it's hard not to salivate at the floor-spacing and possibilities on offense. Buzelis shot only 27.3% from beyond the arc with the Ignite, but he's always been a good shooter so I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

He'll need to impress with his shooting in pre-draft workouts to show the Hornets they can feel comfortable with him.