3 Projected Landing Spots for Kyle Filipowski in the 2024 NBA Draft

The star big man prospect has one of the widest ranges in the 2024 NBA Draft.
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3. Toronto Raptors (#19, #29, or #31)

This is perhaps the most logical fit on the board in terms of team needs and because of the sheer number of picks the Raptors have in the range where Filipowski is expected to go. The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor already mocked the big man to Toronto with the 31st-overall pick.

If the Duke star falls out of the first round, it would be a major shocker. One has to imagine that a team in the late first round will draft him before he makes it to Toronto at No. 31. However, if the Raptors feel like that is a possibility, they could snatch Filipowski with one of their picks at #19 or #29.

Toronto has struggled offensively for the past couple of years. They don't have good enough perimeter creators, especially since Fred VanVleet left in free agency last offseason. They are rebuilding around budding star Scottie Barnes but the young forward needs some time to develop into a high-level offensive engine.

Barnes needs more shooting around him to provide that spacing for him to operate. Filipowski is a good frontcourt partner next to him. The Raptors currently have Jakob Poeltl and Kelly Olynyk as their centers but neither player fits Toronto's timeline. At age 20, Filipowski can grow with Barnes, as well as Immanuel Quickley and RJ Barrett, making things easy for them with his intriguing offensive skill set.

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