Is Jeremy Lin The Answer For the Charlotte Hornets?


Oct 14, 2015, Shanghai, China; Charlotte Hornets guard

Jeremy Lin

(7) in first half action against the Los Angeles Clippers at the Mercedes-Benz Arena. Mandatory Credit: Danny La-USA Today Sports

Jeremy Lin was added to the Hornets’ roster this off season and he was seen as a solid signing by many “experts”. I have to say I am all in on Lin becoming a key piece for this team and it all starts with unselfishness. Lin is the type of player every team needs because he helps facilitate the offense. I could see him filling the role that Josh McRoberts had two seasons ago. I watched the final preseason game for the Hornets in China and here is some of my take aways when it comes to Lin.

Above Average Passing

Lin is the type of player who seems to be trying to get his teammates points when it is needed. He finds cutters and he seems to always place the ball in the correct spot every time. Of course he does make mistakes I am not saying that but he takes the risks that are correct ones to take. He does not try to beat his man dribbling the ball like Lance Stephenson tried to do. I was taught at a young age while playing basketball that the best way to beat your man is with a pass.

He Can Shoot The Ball

The whole game I watched Lin take what the defense gave him and make the shots he was given. Lin can be a streaky shooter at times but he does not force the issue. He is the anti-Stephenson and he is more of a team player. I would predict Lin shoots around 37 percent from three point land this season. That is solid and the Hornets would take that in a heartbeat.

Lin Is Coachable

 One of the first things Lin mentioned when he came to Charlotte was how much he liked coach Steve Clifford. I have had my dislikes with Clifford but Michael Jordan made the right hire with him. Lin showed he has a passion to learn from good coaches and Clifford is a good coach. He seems to be the type of player who listens to his coach and does what he is told to do. I like that the most when it comes to Lin.

 Lin Helps Promote The Hornets

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Lin is an international figure and he helps promote the Hornets on a global scale. We all know he is popular in China but he is popular all across Asia from what I have seen. He is also a national media darling so maybe some positive coverage about the Hornets?

So, in a short but simple summary of the article I LIKE JEREMY LIN A LOT. He fits everything Clifford looks for in a player and that is hard to do. I think Lin will be a glue guy who helps do a little of everything and he will take the load off of Kemba Walker. GO HORNETS!

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