Drew Brees Out Versus Carolina Panthers


New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has been ruled out of Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers. This means that the Saints will be putting Luke McCown back in the pocket and trying to beat the Panthers that way. It will be interesting to see how much back up power that generator has to run on, unless Verizon has been playing us for fools.

With Brees out, the mind games end for the Panthers. Earlier I had predicted that the Saints would give a decision until right before kickoff. This decision gives the Panthers a day to adjust to life without Brees.

The Saints offense under McCown should be more conservative than the Saints normal offense. That means there should be more Mark Ingram getting handoffs. It also means that there should be more screen packages featuring CJ Spiller. The Panthers may have be vigilant if they enjoy a lot of passing rushing success because Spiller on a slip screen could be right around the corner.

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McCown will be called to do what his brother has made a habit of over the past few years, don’t turn the ball over. The Panthers can only hope that Luke is just as good about that as Josh was last year in Tampa. The Panthers need to do themselves some favors and not turn the ball over either to keep the Saints in this game.

It can’t be easy for Coach Sean Payton right now. He is missing his quarterback and number 1 target from last year’€™s squad. This is a situation not dissimilar from what is happening in Dallas. The difference is that the Saints are not getting Jimmy Graham back while the Cowboys will get Dez Bryant back at some point.

The Saints come to Bank of America Stadium tomorrow at 1 PM.

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