Charlotte 49ers and Tar Heels agree to Football Series


The Charlotte 49ers and the North Carolina Tar Heels are making a double date of it. According to reports from David Scott of the Charlotte Observer, the 49ers and the Tar Heels will play a home-home series ten years from now in 2024 and 2025.

This is an important series to get for the 49ers, as it adds a local opponent of some importance to local fans. A win over the Tar Heels would be a sign that the Charlotte football team has made it to the big time. Who knows what the 49ers will look like in 2024? Perhaps they will be the tyrants of Conference USA by then.

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On the other hand, this is a move of dubious value to the Tar Heels. Assuming the status quo remains for the next ten years, a win over the 49ers will not do much for the bona fides of the Tar Heels. If the Tar Heels are targeting the College Football Playoff at some point, then they need fewer small conference foes like Charlotte on the docket.

It is hard to know what is best for the Tar Heels at this point or what would be best in ten years. There are people who would like to see the Tar Heels play ECU, App, Charlotte and South Carolina every year. There are also people who like to see the Heels play Alabama, Georgia, Texas, and Notre Dame every year.

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Neither route makes total sense. No Power 5 team schedules an impossible slate, even if they need to. Is Ohio State play anyone other than Virginia Tech? Is the Big Ten going to offer more of a challenge than Michigan State alone?

North Carolina is nowhere near the reputation of Ohio State. There has to be heads on the mantle, and the ACC Coastal has not done a good job of providing those. A win against Charlotte won’t do it either. Maybe Charlotte will become Boise State and that will change or maybe it won’t.

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