Chris Johnson signs with Arizona Cardinals


Former Pirate Chris Johnson is back on board with an NFL team. That team is the Arizona Cardinals, who made an offer to the running back a few days ago. Johnson has now accepted the one year deal which will pay him $800,000 dollars. Fulfilling certain incentives would raise the value to two million, but that require Johnson to see a bunch of carries.

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That scenario is not likely, but Cardinals coach Bruce Arians would not rule it out. Johnson’s signing itself was a protest about how the Cardinals running backs have been performing so far into camp. Expectations for Johnson are not high right now based on his last couple seasons and whatever after effects there were when he got shot five months ago.

That bullet was revealed to still be there on his physical. Johnson’s attitude based on that bullet will decide his fate in Arizona. Most indications have shown that Johnson has embraced this second chance on life and career. That may mean that Arizona will get a more focused and motivated Johnson. That could turn their one year deal into a steal.

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A big year for Johnson this year would rejuvenate his career and make him eligible for a cash grab next year when he hits the market again. Or maybe he will just prove to be serviceable, which might be enough in itself. A serviceable Johnson would still have a few years left to play in the NFL.

Another thing to note is that Johnson will be walking into the loving arms of NFC West defenses. The Seahawks and Rams both field some of the most formidable defenses in the League. Johnson will have to show his stuff against the best. The good news is that he gets to play the implosion that is the San Francisco 49ers twice.

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