Position By Position Grading Of The Carolina Panthers

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May 28, 2015; Charlotte, NC, USA; Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton throws a pass during the practice held at the Bank of America Stadium practice facility. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The quarterback position is the most important position in all of football because that person leads your team emotionally (most of the time) and controls the flow of the game. We locked up Cam Newton in a long term contract this off season and he will be the face of this franchise for the long term. I always hear people saying Newton is not a super bowl caliber quarterback and I always shake my head in disbelief.

First off Newton has dealt with a lot of problems on the offensive line and at wide receiver most of his career. Even with all of those problems around him he has put together arguably the best start to a career anybody has had at quarterback. Does he overthrow receivers occasionally? Sure he does but every single player has a problem or two because they are human. I know that has to shock some people that these guys are just humans who play a sport really well.

Newton does things that make you sit in awe and wonder if anyone else on earth could do it like he did it. He has the right combo of size and speed to run all over defenses we all know that. The thing most people ignore is that he has passed the ball good as well. Remember how I said he had problems around him, well, most of that was the receiver position. He still finds a way to get the ball to wide receivers that should probably still be on a practice squad. If that doesn’t prove his worth I am not sure what will. Let us not forget we have Derek Anderson as a back up and he is more than capable of coming in a few games to get the team a win. I feel very good about the quarterback position. I give the quarterback position a B+.

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