Walter Camp Award Watch List Belongs to the Devils


The Walter Camp Award Watch List was released last week, and it is the final major college football award that gets this much attention. The Walter Camp is an award given to the nation’s best football player in college football. So it is sort of like the Heismann in that regard. However the Walter Camp does not get stuck with just a pool of running backs and quarterbacks in their watch list. Their pool of fifty student-athletes includes defensive backs, pass rushing linebackers and lineman as well.

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For the sake of our area, it is good that the Walter Camp looks at defensive backs, because the only two Tobacco Road players on the list are two safeties from Duke. Every other school got shut out of consideration at this stage. While I can give a pass to Charlotte for this, could they really not find anyone at the five other FBS schools?

So let’s briefly cover the two guys who are on the list. They are Jeremy Cash and DeVon Edwards. We mentioned before that Cash’s presence and performance at safety has put him on a number of award watch lists up to this point. There is only so much drum beating that I can do for the Ohio State transfer before it gets repetitive. Suffice to say that Cash is good.

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We have also talked about Edwards before too. He was on the Hornung List with the versatile players in college football. That may give him an edge over Cash in winning the Walter Camp, because he could big big years both on defense and on special teams as a returner. It gives Edwards a chance at signitaure plays that Cash will simply not have access to.

As was true last year, Duke seems to be the big winner on the preseason watch lists. Last year that almost got them back to the ACC title game, but they succumbed to North Carolina late in the season. Could another Duke run be on the horizon?

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