Doak Walker Award Watch List has 3 Carolinians


The Doak Walker Award Watch List went out last week. The Doak Walker Award is the award designed to honor the best running back in the nation for college football. There are times when we think running backs may be losing importance or significance in the modern spread passing attack. Fortunately there is a Melvin Gordon and others who come along to remind us that the running back can still dominate offensive play in college football.

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This year’s Doak Walker Watch list has sixty-nine members, but only three of them are from the state of North Carolina. The missing schools in the equation are Charlotte, North Carolina, East Carolina, and Wake Forest. The running back crew at North Carolina will have to split carries three or four ways. Wake Forest’s running game was marginal last year. Charlotte is still brand new. The Pirates are much better known for their passing game than their change of pace running.

The guys included on the list are:

Marcus Cox – Appalachian State

Cox has mentioned before on watch lists, and he was on the Doak list last year. The junior is a big part of what makes the Mountaineers go. Cox should get plenty of carries, but remember he shares the backfield with Terrence Upshaw. That might limit the amount of stats he could compile.

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Matt Dayes – NC State

Of the various running backs that State can put out there, Dayes is the most versatile. In fact he is on the Paul Hornung Award Watch list. It will be interesting to see if State continues to find ways for Dayes to get the ball and get on the field. He also would be helped by an improved offensive line.

Shaquille Powell – Duke

Powell did not provide the most exciting plays out of the Duke backfield last year, but he was the war horse of the group. That is how he has the starting job still over Shaun Wilson. The Doak people anticipate seeing more Powell this year with new starter Thomas Sirk at quarterback.

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