JJ Redick Unhappy about Clippers Off Season Miss


J.J. Redick is not pleased with the way things have gone in the Clippers off season. This is according to an interview that he gave to Ric Bucher of Bleacher Report Radio. For Redick the lessons of the Clippers off season are clear, it was DeAndre Jordan. It is not about Lance Stephenson or about Paul Pierce.

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Neither of those two play a shot blocking center who could be utilized as a low post scoring threat.
Redick was quite clear on his feelings. He went so far as to give the Clippers a failing grade for the off season. The loss of Jordan is irreplaceable in his mind. Redick spent a good part of the interview describing how everything in the offense functioned around Jordan. He pointed out that opposing defenses had to decide where they were going to be soft, and the Clippers could take advantage of it.

The Clippers took last year’s team all the way to the second round of the playoffs. There was a general feeling that it might be the time for this this Clippers team. Then they ran into the Houston Rockets and suffered a tremendous collapse in that playoff round. Still they were considered to be one of the top teams to challenge the Golden State Warriors this upcoming season.

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This would seem to be over. Jordan was a big piece of that pie, able to contest other big men and protect the rim. The Clippers will be taking a step back. Redick knows this, and he is not happy. With about ten years in the league, Redick does not know how many years he has left. His Duke DNA fuels his desire to be a champion and knows that would be delayed now.

The Clippers’ last chance to do something in this free agency period may involve the contract of Cavs’ Brendan Haywood.

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