Report: Tim Duncan to Return to the Spurs


Wake Forest great Tim Duncan ain’t going nowhere according to reports by the San Antonio Express News. Duncan told the paper that he would be returning for his nineteenth professional season with the Spurs. The terms by which Duncan would return are not yet known, because they are most likely contingent on whether the Spurs can sign free agent big man LaMarcus Aldridge. That will determine how much of a hometown discount Duncan has to take to come back. Once that happens then Manu Ginobli would likely come back for a reduced rate as well.

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It seems like we do one of these Tim Duncan articles every year, because we did one last year. The game has really not changed for Duncan. Duncan wants to win more rings. He is a Hall of Fame guy right now. He has made plenty of money over his career. He just continues to have the drive to compete at the highest level and the willingness to sacrifice money in order to do so.

Such actions seem like they are rare in the NBA. In the NFL, quarterbacks seem to renegotiate their deals to make them more cap friendly at a greater rate than their basketball compatriots. Or maybe that is just Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

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In basketball we saw the Miami Heat alliance a few years ago where LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade all took less than their max to get them all on the same roster. That alliance won two titles, but money seems to have broken it down too. All three are making the max this upcoming season, but only two of them are doing so for the Miami Heat.

Wake Forest will continue to leave an imprint on the NBA this season. Chris Paul’s Clippers and Duncan’s Spurs are both looking for the competitive edge that will enable them to take down the Golden State Warriors.

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