Stephen Curry takes over Jersey Sales


Stephen Curry has won the MVP. He has won the NBA Championship/ He has also seemed to have won the hearts of the NBA fan base. Curry, not LeBron James, holds the highest selling jersey at Personally I am holding out for a Hornets Curry jersey, although that day may never come.

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The Top 15 Jersey list has some interesting names:

1. Stephen Curry, GSW
2. LeBron James, CLE
3. Derrick Rose, CHI
4. Kyrie Irving, CLE
5. Klay Thompson, GSW
6. Kobe Bryant, LAL
7. James Harden, HOU
8. Blake Griffin, LAC
9. Tim Duncan, SAS
10. Chris Paul, LAC
11. Kevin Durant, OKC
12. Kawhi Leonard, SAS
13. Russell Westbrook, OKC
14. Matthew Dellavedova, CLE
15. Draymond Green, GSW

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  • The common thread here is that a number of these guys played in North Carolina for their college ball. Kyrie Irving of Duke sits at number four. Tim Duncan and Chris Paul of Wake Forest are sitting nine and ten on the list. Curry from Davidson is number one.

    While great players do not need constant validation to continue to be great players, it feels oddly appropriate for Curry to be a people’s champ as well as the actual NBA champ. He truly has it all right now whether it is career success or a happy family. Those things need to be celebrated too.

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    It is nice to see Tim Duncan still commanding jersey sales this deep into his career. Duncan has always been one of the more understated players in the League. That his jersey ranks ninth is a sign that NBA fans are not just about style that lacks substance.

    An oddity here is the Matt Dellavedova jersey. Dellavedova is a free agent and probably a low priority one for Cavs. That jersey might only serve to catch a single moment in time.

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