Report: Spurs retain Danny Green


Former Tar Heel Danny Green has been an important part of the San Antonio Spurs’ last two deep playoff runs. It looks like it will stay that way. According to reports by Ken Berger of CBS Sports, Green has signed a four year forty five million dollar deal to stay with the Spurs.

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Green was a highly valued free agent. Many teams would like to have a good 6’5” shooting guard who can defend and shoot 40% from the three point line. However Green has most likely learned what Tim Duncan learned so long ago. You don’t leave Gregg Popovich and you do not leave an annual contender like San Antonio.

Green might have been the least considered key member of the North Carolina title team in 2009 compared to Tyler Hansbrough, Ty Lawson, and Wayne Ellington. However he is rapidly closing in on having the best pro career of that group. It can only be a debate between him and Lawson at this point, and would be hard to Lawson to trump his Championship ring.

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Since Green was smart enough to realize that, we do not have to watch him suffer with the Knicks or the Kings next year. Green was not the only Spur to sign a new deal today. Kawhi Leonard signed a max deal to return to the team. Tim Duncan remains a free agent, but that is likely only so that the Spurs have max leverage in trying to attract Texan LaMarcus Aldridge into the fold. They traded Tiago Splitter to Atlanta earlier today.

While the Spurs old guard of Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli, and Tim Duncan are looking to put together one more run at the title, the Spurs seem to be building a core for the future. That core includes Leonard and Green, and they hope it will include Aldridge as well.

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