Report: Cavs and Spurs talking Brendan Haywood contract?


Brendan Haywood has found his name thrown around this off season. That is because Haywood has a ten million dollar non-guaranteed deal, so a team that has no cap room could trade for him and then cut him to open up ten million dollars worth of space.

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The Cleveland Cavs have been actively looking for takers of Haywood’s contract and they managed to get through draft night without dealing it away. Instead they managed to ship their first round pick to the Minnesota Timberwolves in order to avoid the guaranteed salary.

Mike Monroe of the San Antonio Express-News reports that the Cavs and Spurs were in discussions about the Spurs acquiring Haywood’s contract in exchange for one of their big men, either Tiago Splitter or Boris Diaw. That would open up cap space that the Spurs would then use to make a run at LaMarcus Aldridge.

Today those talks may be dead. The Spurs locked up Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green to long term deals. They also shipped Splitter to the Atlanta Hawks for no return. That would open up about $8.5 million in cap for the Spurs. It may also mean that they no longer need the ten million from Haywood’s contract.

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The Cavs will keep shopping Haywood, though, because they need the salary relief as much as anyone. LeBron James, Kevin Love, JR Smith, Iman Shumpert, Tristan Thompson, and Matt Dellavedova are all free agents and several of those guys expect max money to come back to the Cavs.

Contracts cannot be officially signed until July 9, so any deal agreed upon today is not official til then. It appears that it will be a very busy off season if the first day has been any indicator.

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