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Report: LeBron James interested in Mike Dunleavy


Former Duke star Mike Dunleavy has a fan. According to reports by ESPN’s Marc Stein, the Cleveland Cavs and LeBron James have a strong interest in the Chicago Bulls free agent.

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The Cavaliers are looking at a summer where a number of their players are currently free agents. This includes a number of players who brought in to bolster the Cavs shooting. Every team LeBron has been a core unit of has looked to supplement him with good shooters from the wing. This is why James Jones always seems to resurface when LeBron goes somewhere.

Dunleavy has leveraged his shooting talent into extending his NBA career. He shot 40% from the three point line during the season and 48% during this year’s playoffs. That was good for about ten points a game in a reserve role.

Dunleavy was an important piece for the Bulls this past year, but the Bulls are having a difficult time negotiating with free agent Jimmy Butler. Butler may not leave them a lot of flexibility to bring Dunleavy back. Still, it is hard to see a player leaving an established playoff team like the Bulls.

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So we will see how powerful the magnetism of LeBron James is. Dunleavy is comfortable in his current surroundings, and he would know his role with the Bulls. Are the Cavs in a better place than the Bulls to make a run at the title next year? Or, as this year proved, does LeBron have the chance to play for a title every year?

If I’m Mike Dunleavy, then this is a good problem to have. Being wanted means that you have a place in this League. At 35, Dunleavy likely does not have too many years left on the court. Either way he decides to go, he should be playing meaningful basketball next spring.

NBA Free Agency officially opens tomorrow.

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