Report: Cavs and Hornets top Mo Williams’ Wish List


Mo Williams brought some needed offense to the Charlotte Hornets last season. He was a late season addition and helped offset the loss of an injured Kemba Walker and became the team’s first or second most prolific three point shooter. Williams was at the end of a deal though and now he is a free agent.

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The Hornets would most likely want to bring Williams back and the Hornets are one of two teams at the top of Williams’ list according to reports the Northeast Ohio Media Group. That would be good news for the Hornets. Williams made $3.5 million last year, but it is hard to say what he might be looking for on the open market.

The biggest difficulty for the Hornets however is the identity of the other team on Mo Williams’ list. That would be the Cleveland Cavaliers, just off of their failed NBA Finals run. Every player would like to play with LeBron James, but Williams was in Cleveland during LeBron’s first stint there. That included Williams’ only All Star game appearance.

Therefore the Hornets may have to wait while the Cavs sort out their roster issues and figure out the money they have to play with. We talked about them shopping Brendan Haywood yesterday to free up money. They also have to reup LeBron, Kevin Love, and perhaps others like Iman Shumpert. There might not be money left over for Williams.

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However the history says that people who wish to join LeBron are willing to take less money to make that happen. Williams may be at a point in his career where a title shot outweighs all other considerations. If that is the case then the Hornets may have very little shot to retain him.

The Hornets next big chance to improve their roster will be Thursday’s draft, so stay tuned for predraft and off season coverage.

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