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Today we will end the Carolina Panthers Twenty Bracket. This set of slide shows has lasted longer than any single set of articles that we have done on the Banter, but now we must bring this thing to a close. Yesterday we reached a Final Four. From the Capers Region we had Jerry Richardson. From the Seifert Region we had Steve Smith. From the Fox Region we had Jake Delhomme. From the Rivera Region we had Cam Newton.

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A final disclaimer before going forward. Remember that your opinion may be entirely different than the four individuals who I have guided into the finals. The four regions were not entirely balanced thanks to the Seifert Region.



It might be hard to match the passion of these men, but one must bow to the owner’s box here. Beyond the team’s creation story, we keep seeing examples of Richardson’s influence in the community. Just recently Richardson sent $100,000 to the victims of the Charleston church shooting for funerary and other coasts.

Again, this is no knock against Smith. Smith has all the records a receiver could want from the Panthers. He owns the big touchdown catch against the Rams in the 2003 playoffs and his injury in game 1 of the 2004 season probably derailed any chance of the Panthers repeating their Super Bowl momentum. He just can’t beat the man who once caught passes from Johnny Unitas.

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  • JAKE DELHOMME over Cam Newton

    Hear me out. This is not based on talent. Newton has more talent perhaps than many quaarterbacks who have ever played the game. Newton will also have better numbers by the end of the career, perhaps by a wide margin. This call is based on the one key measure of Panthers quarterbacks over the years, winning. Delhomme has more playoff appearances as of right now. That could change as early as this season. I also developed a taste for Bojangles around the time Delhomme was doing commercials.

    In the future, Newton could the one player that might unseat Richardson in the memories of Panthers fans. That time is not right this second, and I am only looking at the first twenty years of the franchise.

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    JERRY RICHARDSON over Jake Delhomme

    There may have been very little doubt from the beginning that Jerry Richardson would be the winner. We threw Sam Mills and Steve Smith at him and it did not matter. The only former NFL player to own a team has also been the best part of the Panthers franchise in its first twenty years.

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