Trevor Lacey Trying to Defeat Dime-a-Dozen Detractors


Like Ralston Turner, Trevor Lacey was a transfer from an SEC program to NC State. Like Turner, Lacey became an important cog in the Wolfpack machine. Unlike Turner, Lacey decided to leave after his redshirt junior year to explore his options in pro ball. That puts both Lacey and Turner in the 2015 draft class, and they both are fighting for a chance to get into the second round.

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Unlike Turner, Lacey will have a little harder time of it. While Turner is a shooter pure and simple, Lacey is a combo guard. The NBA and NBA Free Agency is full of combo guards. Lacey will have to sell that he is more complete a player than a lot of those guys.

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Can Lacey score? Yes. He averaged fifteen points a game last year playing in a stingier and slower ACC than usual. His shooting percentage from three is higher than Turner’s, surprisingly.

However Lacey will most likely end up being a role playing piece on any team he joins. It is unlikely that he will be asked to shoot. Can he pass? He can a little. He averaged more than three assists per game last year. This was while he was not the primary ball handler on the squad.

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  • Lacey also chipped in four rebounds a game for the Wolfpack last year.

    Another question will be if he can defend. In fact that may be the deciding factor for him. Lacey is 6’3” and therefore well suited to guard the opposing point guard. However he will be outsized against most two guards that he might have to guard.

    That in between size and some shooting ability would make Lacey a good player for the triangle offense. The problem is that few teams run the triangle. He could also fit where a bigger player dominates the ball. So that means that Lacey’s best fits are the New York Knicks and the Cleveland Cavs.

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