Ralston Turner Wants to Shoot for Somebody


Ralston Turner. I got so hooked on the early entrants to the draft I completely forgot about NC State’s Ralston Turner and his fellow senior Duke’s Quinn Cook. To remind me of my failure, Turner came and worked out for the Charlotte Hornets yesterday.

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Turner is not present in many mock drafts, so we are talking about a borderline draftable player. However Turner only has to convince one team that he is worth it. That may not occur by the draft, but instead might happen in someone’s camp or summer league team.

Turner has no illusions about how he will make it in the NBA. He knows that it will be through his shooting. Turner was a 37% percent three point shooter which is above the 34% break-even point for a shooter. That means you are comfortable when you see Turner let it go from long range.

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Turner will have to do more than just recite stats though. His job in these work-outs will be to show that he can maintain his percentage from the longer range NBA three.

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  • The one thing that teams will not have to question is commitment. Turner was a fifth year senior for the Wolfpack last year. He claimed to leave Louisiana State for Raleigh because he needed a higher level of competition. Since he has improved his performance each of the last two years, I would say that has worked.

    So Turner needs to find one team willing to take a flyer on him as a shooter. As late in the draft as we would be talking, that team could really be anybody. Turner has worked out with the Clippers and the Hornets so far.

    So next on the local draft tracker will be Trevor Lacey, and hopefully no Cam Newton deal or UNC NOA appears to wreck the momentum this time.

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