Charlotte Hornets Roundup 9/24


We are getting closer to Hornets training camp and there are some neat articles and stories that been popping up about our favorite purple and teal banditos. Here is a sampling for around the web:

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1.CBS Sports Ranks Steve Clifford #6 NBA Coach

There are thirty NBA coaches, and the top five will not surprise you at all. Yet sitting at number 6 is second-year man Steve Clifford of our newly renamed Hornets. Why does Clifford get this honor? Part of it is certainly doing more with less or the same reason David Cutcliffe is always up for coach of the year honors in the ACC. Clifford also got the Hornets playing defense and making the right passes on offense. Can the Hornets finish? Click on the article if you want to see where other coaches finished.

2.Zach Lowe of Grantland looks at Kemba Walker’s true value

Lowe argues, as he usually does, that teams cannot afford to pay players more than they are worth. Walker is due for a big extension next off-season, and Lowe does not think he offers enough right now to be a $12 million dollar man. Lowe looks at his size and his overall game in making these observations. If you are like me, and have a blind spot for Kemba based on his national title win with Connecticut, then this is a good read to make you think about Walker’s real worth.

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  • 3.Lance Stephenson has a rap song with video.

    I have not seen it and do not plan to see it personally. The article that comments on it warns the listener that the lyrics are explicit. One look at the title could tell you THAT. Stephenson is a brand and a persona, and you must remember that in signing the player, we also signed those other aspects.