Rich Cho and Steve Clifford Spreading the Hornets Message


Charlotte Hornets coach Steve Clifford and general manager Rich Cho both hit CBSRadio this week to talk about the state of the Hornets. Clifford talked to the TBD show yesterday and Cho talked to Doug Gottlieb in the afternoon.

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On Noah Vonleh

Both men had comments make on new Hornets rookie Noah Vonleh. It was interesting comparing the comments of both men on the same player. Cho sounded like a NBA draft profile. He talked how Vonleh could rebound, play outside, has upside, and has youth.

Clifford sounded more like a technician. His focus was more on how to build Vonleh’s game in the direction that the Hornets wanted to go. He talked about building Vonleh’s offensive game from the inside out, and trying to break habits that are encouraged by AAU basketball development. Probably Clifford was referencing Vonleh’s summer league performance, where he simply could not finish certain plays at the rim.

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  • On Lance Stephenson

    Cho commented that the Hornets went through a heavy review process on Stephenson. They evidently tracked down a number of people who knew Stephenson. These included ex-coaches and ex-teammates and others who all had very nice things to say about Stephenson.

    Clifford, again the technician, talked about Stephenson being an option run pick-and-rolls on the wing and being a clutch player in the fourth quarter. Clifford notably tried to avoid questions about Lance’s antis and push into talking about basketball, but he did address his own conversations with Stephenson.


    Cho talked about the difficulty of rebuilding rosters, almost like he was relieved that he was to the point where he was with this one. He said the work most go on.

    Clifford talked about finding more offense options to go with Al Jefferson. This had more to do with scheme than it did with personnel, but he did mention that Stephenson would help.