Panthers Could Move on From Pro Bowl Offensive Weapon Following NFL Draft

The Carolina Panthers are open for trades involving a former Pro Bowl running back.
Feb 27, 2024; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Carolina Panthers general manager Dan Morgan speaks
Feb 27, 2024; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Carolina Panthers general manager Dan Morgan speaks / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Panthers surprised everyone by being the first team to select a running back in the 2024 NFL Draft by taking Jonathon Brooks out of Texas with the 46th-overall pick. Widely considered the most talented running back in the draft, Brooks will certainly help the Panthers' offense which was complete chaos last season.

The selection of Brooks was a surprise, especially since Carolina already had Chuba Hubbard and Miles Sanders in its running back room. Panthers fans were hoping for an offensive lineman with their second-round pick, but general manager Dan Morgan elected to reach for another offensive weapon for Bryce Young.

This naturally raised questions about the future of Miles Sanders. When the Panthers signed the former Pro Bowler to a four-year, $25.4 million deal last spring, they had high hopes for him. However, Sanders failed to replicate his 2022 performance (1,269 yards and 11 touchdowns) with the Eagles.

Instead, the 26-year-old had a career-worst season, finishing with 3.3 yards per carry and only one touchdown, losing his snaps and starting role to Chuba Hubbard.

When asked about it, Panthers general manager Dan Morgan said they still "love Miles" and "see a big role for him". However, he also added that they are open to deals and will see what options they have on the market.

"I think it’s just more . . . we’re always gonna be, if you wanna say, in on every deal. We’re always gonna keep our ear to the pavement and just kinda be open to everything."

Panthers GM Dan Morgan

What this means for Sanders or the rest of the Panthers' veterans remains to be seen. It will largely depend on the value Carolina gets for him on the open market.

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