4 Perfect Head Coach Targets For Hornets After Steve Clifford

The Charlotte Hornets are making a coaching change at the end of the season. Here are four head coaches they need to consider.
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Mike Budenholzer

If the Hornets want to the experienced veteran route instead, they are not going to do better than coach Mike Budenholzer. One of the best coaches in NBA history in terms of regular-season win percentage, Budenholzer has built juggernauts wherever he went.

In his 10 seasons as a head coach, Bud has missed the playoffs only once and won 50 games five times. He is a master of creating a defensive system and scheme that works and getting his players to buy in. This young Hornets team, which has struggled with effort and discipline over the past few years, might need exactly that.

Charlotte needs a coach who can hold his team accountable. Budenholzer has had his playoff foibles in his career but that is the least of the Hornets' worries. They need to get back to respectability first and coach Bud has proven his ability to do that throughout his career.

One downside would be the fact that Budenholzer would likely require a big, lucrative deal. With an NBA championship under his belt, the 54-year-old can afford to be selective about his next team. The only way the Hornets can lure him would be by making him an offer he couldn't refuse. That is not always the best strategy as we saw with the Detroit Pistons and Monty Williams this season. Plus, we don't really know if the new owners are willing to break the bank in that manner for a new coach.