3 Ways the Panthers Improved This Offseason (and 2 They Didn't)

The Panthers focused on improving Bryce Young's supporting cast this offseason
The Panthers focused on improving Bryce Young's supporting cast this offseason / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Defensive Depth

"Coaching" could just as easily have gone here, though defensive depth additions should be highlighted as well. Losing Brian Burns hurts and we'll touch on that in the following page, but the Panthers are almost taking a 'Moneyball' approach by trying to recreate him in the aggregate.

DT A'Shawn Robinson, and a trio of linebackers in K'Lavon Chaisson, Josey Jewell, and Jadeveon Clowney represents a solid coup for the Panthers in free agency. They took Kentucky linebacker Tevin Wallace in the third-round of the NFL Draft, so they're looking to build the middle and front of the defense to harass offenses.

Derrick Brown is now the defense's cornerstone after his massive contract extension. The Panthers are loading up that defensive front with Chaisson and Clowney rushing from the outside. It's a good plan to make up for Burns' lost production, as difficult as that may be.

Carolina should be stout against the run and hopefully get enough pressures to help out the secondary in the passing game. The defense was routinely put in terrible positions by the offense last season but a strong run defense makes it harder for teams to milk the clock if you're put in those situations again.

These upgrades aren't as significant as the offensive ones but are important as the Panthers establish a new identity. Now let's take a look at the areas Carolina did not improve on the next page.