3 Thrilling Observations from Duke's Critical Win Over NC State

One major development should have Blue Devils fans fired up
Sean Stewart had two steals and three blocks in Duke's win against NC State
Sean Stewart had two steals and three blocks in Duke's win against NC State / Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports
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2. The Sean Stewart Breakout Game Was Everything Duke Fans Hoped For

Stewart's effectiveness defensively wasn't the only takeaway, as he showcased an impressive offensive game as well and a fierce hustle that enabled him to impact the flow of the matchup throughout the night.

Overall, Stewart scored 12 points on 5-of-7 shooting with five rebounds, two assists, two steals and three blocks. He played 26 minutes, four more than Kyle FIlipowski and his most of the season by far, potentially giving Duke a new wrinkle as we near the postseason.

I'd worried what would happen for the Blue Devils in a March Madness game if Filipowski or Mitchell got into early foul trouble. Stewart, alongside senior Ryan Young, can step in to save the day if necessary. Young has his limitations, but Stewart's athleticism and defensive chops provide a huge boost to Duke's title hopes.

He did commit four fouls, so he's got some work to do to stay on the court, though his presence will be particularly crucial in the ACC Tournament and on Saturday when Duke has to face guys like Armando Bacot down low.

Stewart snagged nine rebounds in 11 minutes against Louisville and eight in 15 minutes against Virginia before last night's excellent effort. Here's hoping we see more of him on Saturday and in the conference tournament.