3 Projected Hornets Picks at No. 6 in NBA Draft

See three projected picks for the Charlotte Hornets at No. 6 overall in the 2024 NBA Draft.
Brandon Miller finished third in NBA Rookie of the Year voting
Brandon Miller finished third in NBA Rookie of the Year voting / Scott Kinser-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Stephon Castle, G - Connecticut Huskies

The Huskies were college basketball's best team by far last season and Charlotte has two options from the champions at No. 6. Stephon Castle is a dominant defensive guard who could make up for Ball's deficiencies on that end while filling a variety of complementary roles offensively.

Bleacher Report explains in their mock draft, "The Charlotte Hornets will value Stephon Castle's secondary playmaking, physicality attacking the rim, and outstanding defensive toughness...He'll likely start his career operating as a Josh Hart-like Swiss Army knife-type who'll move the ball, drive, make hustle plays and lock down defensively."

That sounds like a winning player to me. Even if the Hornets ultimately move away from someone like Ball, Castle's versatility and effort on defense make him a backcourt fit with anyone, and he's got plenty of room to grow as a shooter and scorer.

The logic for picking Clingan holds true for Castle. Charlotte already has its offensive foundation in place, but the roster lacks defenders and glue guys. Both former UConn stars are logical selections, especially in a draft lacking true star power.

If you can't find a star, find someone whose skills clearly translate. Both Clingan and Castle's skills translate and they're great roster fits as well.

There's plenty of time before the 2024 NBA Draft, but I'm hoping the Hornets will soon add one of these two Huskies.

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