3 Perfect NFL Draft Fits for UNC WR Devontez Walker

Devontez Walker averaged 17 yards per catch for the Tar Heels in 2023
Devontez Walker averaged 17 yards per catch for the Tar Heels in 2023 / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Buffalo Bills

Gabe Davis is already leaving Buffalo for free agency and Stefon Diggs has his own drama, so the Bills need to add some receivers this offseason as they try to remain an AFC contender.

Josh Allen's steady growth makes him one of the NFL's premier players, and Walker is a logical replacement for Davis as a deep-ball target for perhaps the league's strongest arm. With the way Allen loves to scramble around the pocket to give receivers time to generate space, it's easy to imagine Walker getting loose behind defenses and routinely catching bombs.

That's not a deep throw, but I've seen Davis make that same TD catch numerous times. Walker's ability to slice between the secondary through the seam and make contested catches would quickly make him a favorite of Allen's.

Diggs, Khalil Shakur, and Walker would create one of the league's more formidable pass-catching trios, not to mention Dalton Kincaid, Dawson Knox, and James Cook. There are enough capable receivers before even accounting for Allen's rushing ability that Walker would face soft coverages he could exploit.

We've still got two months before the NFL Draft and we'll hear more information over the coming weeks, though it's exciting to know how many teams could utilize a receiver with Walker's rare albeit raw skills.

He'll compete in the NFL Combine next week and could even find himself approaching the first round if he tests well.