3 Observations Proving NC State Can Win the National Championship

This team is a legitimate threat to win the NCAA Tournament

NC State has nine straight wins going into the Final Four
NC State has nine straight wins going into the Final Four / Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports
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2. DJ Horne Gives NC State a Critical Championship Element

While Burns gets all of the attention, DJ Horne is just as critical to the team's success.

Think of most national champion contenders and their rosters. Typically, there is a star perimeter player who controls the pace and can create his or her own shot when possessions get tough. From Jordan Hawkins on UConn last year to Jalen Brunson with Villanova or to an extreme degree, Caitlin Clark with Iowa, decorated teams are littered with examples of great guards who can score.

Well, Horne fits the mold for NC State. He led the team in scoring (16.8 PPG) and just dropped 20 of his own against Duke while shooting 37% from beyond the arc and 85.6% from the charity stripe. His ability to create his own shot late in the shot clock is vital, and his quickness puts pressure on defenses that get him to the line.

The two-man game and chemistry the two DJ duo have is incredibly difficult to guard. If you give Horne space, he'll attack and dump it off to Burns. If you let Burns control it, he'll hit you with a post move or dump it to a cutting Horne.

They create an impossible equation for defenses to solve and they complement each other in the process. Since defenses are so busy worried about the DJs, role players like Mohamed Diarra, Michael O'Connell and Ben Middlebrooks get easy shots.

This is not a one-dimensional team. Thanks to Burns and Horne, NC State has a star duo that can go toe-to-toe with any in the country.