3 Most Overrated Players in NFC South

The 2024 NFL season is still months away, but it's never too early to discuss some of the overrated players in the NFC South.
Atlanta Falcons OTA Offseason Workout
Atlanta Falcons OTA Offseason Workout / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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2. Taysom Hill, QB/TE – New Orleans Saints

As much as I wanted to put Derek Carr in this slot, Taysom Hill will carry the banner for the most overrated player for the Saints.

The former BYU quarterback has found his niche in the NFL as a gadget player, which is good because it gives New Orleans’ offense a different look. But the Saints have been determined to overuse Hill, trying to make him a real integral part of their offense.

Last season, Hill posted 692 yards from scrimmage and six total touchdowns, which is unreal, considering the Saints had Jamaal Williams as the RB2 behind Alvin Kamara. The 33-year-old Hill had the second-most rushing yards (401) over Williams (306) and rookie Kendre Miller (156).

And then to make matters worse, Hill had more rushing touchdowns (4) than Williams and Miller combined (2). The Saints can’t allow that to happen this season. However, if it does, that might be good news for Carolina. 

With starting tight end Juwan Johnson likely to miss all of training camp because of foot surgery, do not be surprised if we hear the momentum build around Hill and what he can do in an expanded role.