3 Most Likely Miles Sanders Trade Destinations Following Latest RB Signing

Dan Morgan should be calling these teams in an attempt to trade the expensive RB
Miles Sanders looks like the odd-man out in Carolina's backfield
Miles Sanders looks like the odd-man out in Carolina's backfield / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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3. New York Giants

The Giants are a mess offensively right now. Devin Singletary and Eric Gray are projected to lead the backfield, while Daniel Jones is likely entering his last year as New York's signal caller.

With eight picks in the 2025 NFL Draft before accounting for possible compensatory selections, the organization has the capital to make a move for Sanders. Saquon Barkley went to Philadelphia, so why not poach a former Eagle to help lead the new backfield?

Sanders has been effective against the Giants in the past, so this could be a similar situation to the Cowboys where a team likes a player that's beaten them up previously. With over $5 million of cap space left too, New York has the ability to fit Sanders' contract in with a couple of ancillary moves.

Drafting Malik Nabors adds some juice to the offense, but this Giants squad should be bad. They aren't competing for a Super Bowl, let alone a playoff appearance. There's a unique benefit to no expectations: you can take risks on players like Sanders to see if they've still got some tread left on the tires.

If things work out, you can keep Sanders as your starting back moving forward. If they don't, you can get out of the contract and move on with someone else. In the meantime, he'd become the most accomplished running back on the roster and help support Daniel Jones in a make-or-break season.

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