3 Most Likely Miles Sanders Trade Destinations Following Latest RB Signing

Dan Morgan should be calling these teams in an attempt to trade the expensive RB
Miles Sanders looks like the odd-man out in Carolina's backfield
Miles Sanders looks like the odd-man out in Carolina's backfield / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Los Angeles Chargers

Jim Harbaugh's passion for a strong running game is no secret. He rode the nation's best rushing attack to a national championship last season, but the Chargers just have a couple of Baltimore retreads projected to lead their backfield as it stands.

J.K. Dobbins and Gus Edwards are fine players with some upside, though Sanders has been far more successful in the NFL than either one thus far. Both players have dealt with injuries throughout their respective careers and a reliable running back like Sanders could provide consistency for the group.

Even if the Chargers had more stability at running back, it looks like they'll need an effective rushing attack to be a quality offense. Their wide receiver room is, on paper, perhaps the worst in the NFL after losing Keenan Allen and Mike Williams. They need as many dart throws in the backfield as possible and Sanders is the most accomplished player who seems available.

There's also the element of needing to beat the Chiefs to consider. When opponents have bested Kansas City, they've done so by forcing turnovers and controlling the clock.

By any measure, having good running backs is important if you want to dethrone the Chiefs. The Chargers obviously hope to do that under Harbaugh and they'll need a scary backfield to accomplish that goal.

Los Angeles currently has eight picks in the 2025 NFL Draft, increasing the likelihood they could pull off a deal.