3 Hornets on Thin Ice Heading Into the Offseason

The time might be running out on these three Hornets players.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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The Charlotte Hornets just wrapped up another disappointing season, extending their playoff drought to eight years. The franchise hasn't won a playoff series in 22 years and it looks like that trend isn't going to turn around any time soon.

Things, however, are looking up. Brandon Miller looks like a great draft pick, the organization finally moved on from overpaid veterans in exchange for future assets, and a new decision-making group has come in. Once the new head coach is announced, there will be plenty to be excited about.

Yet, there are a few players who are on thin ice going forward. With a new offseason approaching, several names could be candidates to be no longer a Hornet. Let's take a look.

1. Miles Bridges

The Hornets are entering a new era with a new ownership group, a new general manager, and a new head coach. Perhaps more than any other franchise in the NBA, they need to start over. This involves parting ways with key figures left over from the old regime.

And that should probably start with Miles Bridges. Despite significant pushback from the fans and the media, Charlotte brought Bridges back last season, keeping him on his $7.9 million qualifying offer.

On the court, he certainly outplayed that deal, averaging 21 points, 7.3 rebounds, and 3.3 assists in 37.4 minutes per game in 69 games. He showed an ability to be an impact player on both ends of the floor.

However, he comes with a lot of baggage. He is hitting unrestricted free agency this summer and the Hornets don't have his Bird rights, meaning that they don't have any advantage in trying to re-sign him. Other teams will be interested in signing the 26-year-old forward and the Hornets should let them. Let him be someone else's problem while Charlotte starts over.