3 Hornets on the Trade Block Heading Into the NBA Draft

The Charlotte Hornets will likely try to move these veterans before or after the 2024 NBA Draft.
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Vasilije Micic

The 30-year-old point guard finally made it to the NBA last season, nine years after he was drafted. He came to Charlotte as a part of the trade that sent Gordon Hayward to the Oklahoma City Thunder. In his Hornets stint, Micic was solid, averaging 10.8 points and 6.2 assists per game in 27.2 minutes of action.

Micic is a competent point guard who knows how to run an offense. He is a good pick-and-roll player, can shoot the three, and puts his teammates in good positions. He could be a decent option off the bench to help a young Hornets team organize its offense.

But, he is due $7.7 million for next season and will turn 31 mid-season. If he has any suitors around the league, getting any asset in return for him makes more sense for the Hornets.

One option the Hornets can do is combine two or more of these players above in a potential trade scenario. That way, they can get a high-salaried player in, even if it is an overpaid player. At this stage of their rebuild, the Hornets need as many young players with upside as possible on their rosters.

Sure, a couple of veterans for locker room presence who could also help on the defensive end or provide spacing offensively would be valuable. But, the Hornets need to be in asset-gathering mode right now, so anyone that they can get draft picks for should be available in a trade.

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