3 Hornets on the Trade Block Heading Into the NBA Draft

The Charlotte Hornets will likely try to move these veterans before or after the 2024 NBA Draft.
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Cody Martin

When Cody Martin was drafted by the Hornets in the 2019 NBA Draft, fans had high hopes for him. He was considered the better prospect between him and his twin brother Caleb Martin. Over the years, Cody struggled with injuries and his development stagnated while Caleb took a serious step forward and became a high-level role player for the Miami Heat.

Martin is still a fine bench player. He can defend multiple positions and provides intriguing ballhandling and transition ability on the other end. But, he is never healthy. He played in 35 games for Charlotte in the last two seasons, shooting lower than 40% from the field in those appearances.

A fresh start might be what is needed for both sides. Martin has been with the Hornets for five seasons and hasn't been able to establish himself as a surefire starter. He could perhaps do it elsewhere.

Martin makes $8.1 million for next season. In the current cap environment, that is not that much money, but it would still be better utilized if it went to a younger player rather than a 28-year-old injury-prone Martin. If any team is remotely interested in Martin, it would behoove the Hornets to move on from him without asking much.