3 Concerning Observations from Wake Forest's Disappointing Loss to Notre Dame

Hunter Sallis scored a season-low seven points in the loss to Notre Dame
Hunter Sallis scored a season-low seven points in the loss to Notre Dame / Cory Knowlton-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Undisciplined Defense Could be Wake Forest's Downfall

I mentioned that Notre Dame is 341st nationally in free throw rate (26.5%). They typically are one of the worst teams in basketball at drawing fouls, but that didn't stop Wake Forest from committing 18 personal fouls and letting the Irish shoot 22 free throws.

Freshman Markus Burton effortlessly penetrated Wake's defense all night, going 11-11 from the charity stripe to finish with 31 points. Cameron Hildreth fouled out, though two of his came at the very end of the game. Damari Monsanto, on the other hand, somehow committed four fouls in only five minutes, firing up a trio of three-pointers (one make) in the process.

Monsanto's effort, in particular, was a significant problem. He entered in the first half with a 19-15 lead and quickly committed two fouls, exiting in a 25-25 tie as the Irish scored 10 points in his two minutes of action.

In the second half, he entered with a 48-46 lead. Monsanto committed two more fouls in 90 seconds and left the floor with Wake trailing 51-50. The Demon Deacons only have five guards in the rotation and three of them start. If Monsanto gets into foul trouble that quickly on a consistent basis, Wake Forest won't have the depth to withstand a grueling tournament run.

Rotations naturally get tighter deeper into the season, but the bench must be more disciplined to give the starters proper rest when they need it.