Carolina Panthers 2020 Schedule: Five easiest games

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Ranking the five easiest teams on the Carolina Panthers 2020 schedule.

This is the fun list. The list that doesn’t include Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, or Aaron Rodgers, quarterbacks destined to throw for a million yards against the Panthers secondary. No, this is a list featuring a brutal quarterback, a couple of brutal coaches, and several teams that don’t know how to make themselves into a winner. These are the easiest teams on the Panthers 2020 schedule.

Most Vegas predictions have the Panthers going 6-10. This seems to be the most prevailing thought going around the sports media world and is now ingrained in our minds. The Panthers are not tanking, but they aren’t good. Five to seven wins feels just bad enough to match this roster.

If the Panthers are to reach six wins, several of these will undoubtedly come against the opponents listed in this slide show. It’s not likely the Panthers are walking into Arrowhead and beating the defending champions. It is sorta likely that Panthers will finish the job at home against the Lions.

There are a few surprises in the list and honestly, we debated adding a couple of teams into this list. Left off is the Denver Broncos, a team that believes heavily in Drew Lock as the future and added a ton of weapons around him. Also left off is Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals, a team that did enough to make themselves very interesting heading into the season.

The teams on this list had a combined record of 24-39-1, but that number is heavily skewed by our gamble at no. 5. Take a look at our selections and let us know in the comments if you agree.

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