The Best Rivalry In Sports: Duke vs Carolina

Today is the day. The best rivalry in all of the sports happen. There is no rivalry bigger than Carolina and Duke.
Duke sits at 19-3 and has clearly been the better team over the struggling 10-12 North Carolina Tar Heels, however, anyone who knows about this rivalry knows records mean nothing when these two teams play. So how have these two team faired over the last 100 games? Well, let’s look at the numbers.

In the last 100 meetings between Duke and Carolina, the two teams are split at 50 wins apiece completely dead even in the win and loss column when facing each other. Also in the last 100 meetings both teams has scored 7,746 a piece, equaling another dead even tie.
This rivalry sprinkles over in every other sport the two colleges offer and only have 10 miles separating the two. Under Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski players from Luke Kennard to Zion Williamson and Grant Hill have participated in this rivalry and know exactly what is all about.

On the Carolina side under head coach Roy Williams, you have players like fan-favorite Tyler Hansbrough to recent 7th overall NBA draft pick Coby White that brought the lighter to light the flame on this historic rivalry.

From the fans that cheer to the fans that boo everyone in the building, they play a very special part as these two teams shut down North Carolina and have everyone asking that very important question ” Duke or Carolina?” The two shades of blue, the two different chants, the two different mascots with the same goal in mind and that is to leave victorious at the end of the war. Many fans would say record doesn’t mean anything and how they would forfeit the entire season if that meant they got the upper hand on their bitter rival with a win.

This is the game that turns players into legends and gives fans memories that will last a lifetime. Both teams have their stars this season. Duke has Vernon Carey, the best big and the Tar Heels have the best point in Cole Anthony. Expect these two players to lead and fight tooth and nail today to write their names in the historic rivalry book of Duke vs Carolina. My prediction? These two teams go at it and Duke takes the lead early on, however, Anthony will get hot and stay hot in the 2nd half to lead Carolina past Duke 71-65.