Charlotte Hornets 2010s all-decade team

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Charlotte Hornets

Marvin Williams and Kemba Walker with the Charlotte Hornets (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

With the current decade coming to a close over the next handful of days, here is your Charlotte Hornets 2010s all-decade lineup.

The 2010s have been quite an eventful time period for the Charlotte Hornets, and as we wind down the final few days of the decade, it’s fair to reminisce on both the good times and bad. Three times the Hornets made the playoffs, and between two of those appearances, the franchise posted the worst winning percentage in NBA history. The organization has often missed on draft picks and free-agent signings, however, it has also had its share of really good players.

Charlotte saw its greatest player come and go during the decade, and despite his exit, the Hornets have reloaded with lots of young talent to be excited about. The Hornets have a young new coach who has already transformed a youthful roster into not only an entertaining product, but also a potential playoff team. Because of this, the Hornets have the pieces to make the 2020s the best the franchise has seen.

Since returning to Charlotte in 2004, the franchise has often been associated with regularly losing. As a result, the Hornets have often been overshadowed by the Carolina Panthers during the decade, but doesn’t mean they should be forgotten about. With that being said, here is your Hornets 2010s all-decade team–a chance to remember the best of the Hornets from the last 10 years.

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